iPhone App of the Week: iVigilo Smartcam+ Turns Your iPhone Into a Security Camera

I’m not sure this idea is very practical, but if it sounds like a good idea to you, you can use your iPhone as a security camera using iVigilo Smartcam+. You can use the app on the iPad, too, but that sounds like a terrible idea. At least the iPhone you can hide with relative ease and can stand up on its own. An iPad might not be a good security camera unless you think Spiderman is going to rob your house.

The app allows users to use the iPhone’s camera to take security footage using motion detection. You can also choose to stream the feed on the Internet securely and privately, which can be accessed using any browser and the address of the iVigilo equipped device.

The app is free, but there are a few in-app purchases that bolster the app’s functionality. The sensor add-on supplies face tracking and adjustable motion sensitivity. The alert add-on creates an alert using text and a still taken of the face detected using face tracking, which is sent to any Twitter or email account that has been designated by the user. The alert history add-on saves those stills on the app.

Though the app is free, functionality is extremely limited, to the point of uselessness, without the add-ons. Even then, the only time anyone would likely want to use their phone as a security camera is while they are sleeping. Unless you can check your email for alerts in your sleep, iVigilo won’t help much. Still, if you think you might run into the odd circumstance where this app would be useful, iVigilo Smartcam+ is available now on the iTunes App Store for free. Each add-on costs $0.99.