The Kindle Fire Gets a Cushi New Accessory

Coming soon to the Kindle Fire is id America’s line of Cushi accessories. They aren’t exactly cases, though they do have a protective purpose. A Cushi is a soft, embossed foam pad that goes on the back of a device thanks to adhesive material. If the words adhesive material furrow your brow when it comes to your mobile devices, don’t worry – the material on Cushi pads is of the non-stick, no residue left behind variety.

The first Cushi for the Kindle Fire will be called “Dream,” and will feature a light, airy rendition of a seaside town. The Cushi only protects the back of the device, but it does come with a clear protective film for the screen. It’s not full-case protection, but it’s better than nothing, especially if you’re one to worry about fingerprints.

As far as mobile device accessories go, Cushi is on the more reasonably priced end. It will be available from id America on March 20th for a little under $20.