Android App of the Week: Mr. Number Helps Block Spam From Your Phone

Mr. Number attacks spam calls and text messages on Android phones by crowdsourcing and giving users a wide berth in selecting who can and cannot contact them.

The first thing Mr. Number does is give users an all-in-one inbox for calls and texts, where blocking and replying can be handled from one unified place. From that interface, users can single out individual numbers to block, or can block all numbers everywhere, and then only allow trusted contacts.

The crowdsourcing bit might give many pause, though. Mr. Number provides caller ID by looking up calls and texts from unknown numbers in their database. That database relies on Mr. Number users giving the app access to their contact list. Mr. Number takes that information and builds a Caller ID database that works for everyone – so, if one of your contacts calls another Mr. Number user who doesn’t know their number, that person will see your contact’s name using Caller ID. If you download Mr. Number, you can block Mr. Number from accessing your contacts, but you will need to pay for Caller ID instead of getting it for free.




Additionally, users can report spam phone numbers to Mr. Number. If a phone number gets reported, it winds up on the suspected spam list. The app has an option for users to block that entire list.

Currently, Caller ID is only available in the United States. Mr. Number is available now for free on newly-dubbed Google Play.

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