The Moon – Much More Than Just That Big Rock in the Sky

With Apollo 11 – and manned trips to the Moon in general – well in the past, it’s easy to take the Moon for granted. Such is the fate of a daily constant. But, as NASA has made clear today, the Moon has had a geographic history just as tumultuous and fascinating as our own.

NASA has released two videos to celebrate Earth’s lone natural satellite. The first takes viewers through a best-of tour of the Moon, showing off the deepest craters, highest mountains, and equipment left over from missions past. The second video goes into the Moon’s history, taking viewers through a simulation of what we can best imagine happened from 4.5 billion years ago to now, from birth by a cosmic collision with Earth until present. You can go through the early days, when the Moon was a hot ball of molten rock, to the period of violent bombardment when the pocked surface of the Moon we know was formed, to the cold, solid rock it is today, deceptively hiding the secrets of its past, though it still bears the scars.

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