Rumor Has it – the iPad 3 is Debuting Tomorrow, a Rumor Roundup

As tempting as it is to just call it the iPad 3, there’s a good chance that’s not what Apple’s new device, to be announced tomorrow, will be called. Rumors have been swirling around the new tablet, but, as the iPhone 4S launch taught us, rumors are called rumors for a reason.

One thing we probably can say for sure, though, is that we will actually be seeing a new tablet, thanks to the promo shot Apple released for their March 7th announcement. Other than that shot, Apple, as usual, has been tight-lipped about details, including the name. Early assumptions that the tablet will be called iPad 3 have given way to new rumors that the device will be called the iPad HD. The HD part, if true, would be a reference to arguably the biggest rumor surrounding the new iPad – that it will sport a Retina display and be capable of 1080p playback in 2048 x 1536 resolution, making it unrivaled in that sense in the tablet market.

The other big rumor deals with LTE compatibility – namely, that it’s a go with the new iPad. This rumor hasn’t caught fire as much as the previous one, likely due to ever-expanding Wi-Fi accessibility and the fact that LTE networks are up and running in relatively few places around the globe.

Not so much a rumor as it is expectation, the presence of a quad-core processor has been widely discussed. While possible, this rumor has had more water thrown on it because of battery concerns and the fact that a quad-core processor is way more powerful than most people need it to be. Still, it could be in the cards.

Of course, given Apple’s track record in adhering to rumors, all of the above are as likely to be right as they are to be wrong. For better or worse, Apple usually seems to be able to turn expectations on their head. The best thing to do now? Just sit tight until tomorrow, when we’ll all know whether or not we should raise our arms in excitement, or throw them down in disgust.

Via Gizmodo and MacRumors