Pizzeria in Dubai Creates the Most Important Pizza Innovation of the Century

We can only hope this absolute gem of an idea comes over from the Emirates – for any serial pizza delivery orderer, this is a godsend. The V.I.P. fridge magnet from Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza gives customers one-touch pizza ordering. No calling, no logging on to a website and filling out an order form. Just press the button, and the pizza comes. Too beautiful for words.

Red Tomato Pizza V.I.P. customers can pick up their new fridge magnet, then designate their one favorite pizza on their online account. When they press their new hunger panic button, that designated pizza will be delivered. Red Tomato Pizza made preparations for accidents, too – customers can opt to receive confirmation texts, so they can cancel an order easily if they accidentally gave the panic button a press while trying to open the fridge. Granted, that shouldn’t be a problem – the magnet has a little pizza box lid that you need to open before actually pressing the button.

It can’t be stressed how huge of a deal this is for delivery junkies. Sure, some people like variety, but I’m betting more people than would cop to it usually just stick to their old favorites. Being able to do that by pressing a button on the fridge? The only problem would be the weight gain. I think that’s best lamented over a slice of pepperoni and cheese.