Jeremy Lin Meets Star Wars Equals Kidrobot RJ-K5 Astrofresh Basketball

With a name like Luke Skywalker, it’s a wonder we didn’t see a basketball-Star Wars crossover before. Well, actually, we could have, but the plans for the Death Star Basketball ended up in a trash compactor somewhere. I think we prefer these RJ-K5 Astrofresh Basketball Droyds, part R2-D2 and part Knicks basketball. Unfortunately, these are just for show, so you won’t be able to head out to the hardcourt and work on your patented Skywalker move in grand style.

The orange and blue brings the Knicks spirit, possibly a tribute from the artist who created these, JK5, who is based in New York. They don’t come a moment too soon, either. With Linsanity wearing off and the Knicks finding themselves mired in another losing streak, Knicks fans need all the good news they can get. The other option is a retro red, white, and blue offering that’ll leave you wondering how a one-on-one game between Doctor J and Darth Vader would go. I think it would depend on whether or not force powers are allowed. Then again, given the magic he brought to the court, Doctor J is probably a Jedi, anyway.

You can cop these force-filled basketballs for $100 each off Kidrobot.