Samsung Smart Touch Remote and 2012 Smart TV Line-up – Hands-On

Remember the super slick Smart TVs with gesture control that Samsung showed off at CES 2012? Well today in New York, Samsung went into more depth about the TV’s features, and also introduced some welcome new accessories for it.

The Death of the Remote Control?

Samsung says NO! Instead, they plan on offering 6 ways to control your TV, and one of those include their new Smart Touch remote control which is designed with an edge to edge trackpad, plus a built in mic. This remote is also a universal remote control. Remember their QWERTY keyboard remote control from 2011? Well they have listened to Samsung Smart TV owners’ feedback and have developed a new bigger full-sized Samsung Wireless Keyboard for 2012. This keyboard can also work with the Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

SMART Interaction

Today Samsung announced a whole slew of new TVs, ranging from Plasmas to LEDs. The flagship of the line-up is the $5,099 65″ ES8000. Like many of the other TVs in their new line-up, the ES8000 LED SMART TV is all about what Samsung calls Smart interaction. To that effect, it packs in voice control, gesture control and face recognition. A built-in integrated camera located at top of the TV enables the gesture control and face recognition. With the gesture recognition you can wave your hand around to control the TV and select apps, and simply close your hand to click. Meanwhile facial recognition lets you log into Samsung accounts right away. Services like Skype are now easier than ever, and don’t require any addition accessories. Instead, the mics are built right into the camera.

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Future Proof TVs

Back at CES Samsung first talked about future proofing their TVs. Today they talked about their plans for their Evolution Kits. Evolution Kits will allow many of their TVs to be upgraded easily. And we’re not just talking about software upgrades either – the kits will allow users to add memory, and even upgrade the processor inside a SMART TV from a dual-core CPU to a quad-core CPU. Samsung says that these Evolution Kits will ship in 2013, but the TVs that support the Evolution tech will be available this year.

Keeping it SMART with More Apps

The Samsung SMART Hub has been upgraded and redesigned in Full HD. Samsung is also opening up their API to developers. In addition, many new apps have recently come out like Hulu Plus, Family Story app and PartyShots! plus apps like the Daily, Bravo, and Flexview are all coming soon. Samsung is also working on bringing on more content providers. They recently added HBO GO, AOL HD, and Bravo.

3D Glasses Get Cheaper

Samsung says that they haven’t abandoned 3D at all, and that about half of their TVs this year will ship with 3D. But the best news here is that most of these TVs will come with at least two pairs of 3D glasses in the box. Samsung is also lowering the prices on their 3D glasses which will now start at $20 a pair.

AllShare Play Goes to the Cloud

Samsung wants to make the experience of sharing content between all of your devices that much easier. So they have extended the AllShare experience by offering 5GB of free web storage. You can now use AllShare Play to share photos and other media on your TV. For example, you can have photos from your Samsung smartphone or tablet uploaded to AllShare Play, which in turn can be played back on your Smart TV. Another neat trick that comes courtesy of AllShare Play, is that you can backup photos on a Samsung Smart camera, directly to AllShare, so that they can be played back on your TV.

For a complete list of the LED and Plasma TVs that were announced today, with pricing – go here, and here.


  1.  “Remember their QWERTY keyboard remote control from 2011? Well they have listened to Samsung Smart TV owners’ feedback and have developed a new bigger full-sized Samsung Wireless Keyboard for 2012.”
    Yeah, I remember it. It makes me furious every time I turn on my D8000.
    Since we appear to have convinced Samsung to make something that actually works, will this at least be compatible with earlier “Smart” TVs?

  2. Hi David,
    Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about backwards compatibility :(. But we can’t imagine why the new keyboard wouldn’t work with older TVs. Especially if it’s compatible with Galaxy Tabs!

  3. It is like Samsung went out of their way to be behind LG smart TVs bad remotes no motion control and a horrible UI.

    I wonder If the old team was fired.