The Knicks May Just Need the ScoreBand

At the very least, the blue and orange will go nicely with the Knicks’ jerseys. They might even like what they see if they keep up their post-D’Antoni winning ways.

The ScoreBand is a new Kickstarter project designed just for basketball players roaming the playgrounds and parks. The ScoreBand attempts to fill an admitted need – basketball players’ penchant for not being able to keep accurate score in their heads. Thinking back to my days in high school, there was rarely, if ever, a lunchtime game played without at least a minor dispute over what the score actually was.

The ScoreBand looks like a watch, but allows players to keep track of the score so it doesn’t get muddled in everyone’s heads. Alternately, players can use the ScoreBand to keep track of two different stats, which will almost certainly make that insufferably smug guy on the court even more unbearable.

Unfortunately, that sleek wristband you see above is only a pipe dream right now, which is where the Kickstarter part comes in. The current iteration of the ScoreBand is white and very bulky, though it does have a stopwatch and a clock. Here’s hoping the creators realize the version that isn’t so huge that it’ll affect someone’s shot. If they get the blue and orange look down, I’m sure Amare would love one. They don’t call him Stat for nothing.