Tagg the Pet Tracker Review

We all love our pets like they are children, so keeping them safe is a priority. And keeping track of them should be too. That is where Tagg, the Pet Tracker system comes in. Tagg is a GPS tracking system hidden inside of a collar attachment.


The Tagg tracker measures 3.18” long, 1.49” wide, and .77″ tall and weighs 1.16 ounces. The device is also water resistant, enough for even a light swim. The Tagg pet tracking system is able to snap on to your dog’s collar with an included two-piece clip. However, the company also sells a choice of Wander collars to use with the tracker. We tested Tagg by putting it on our 15lb Westie’s collar. At this size and weight, any larger and the device would have been too heavy and large for her size. Overall, she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it for walks. But she gets uncomfortable when wearing it all day long. With that said, we really can’t see smaller dogs being able to handle the Tagg. And in general, we would prefer if they could shrink down its size down even more so.

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The three step set-up process for Tagg is quite straightforward and simple. It involves creating an account, activating the device, and setting up a geofence for your dog.


The Tagg system will send you notification alerts when your pet leaves your set tag zone, essentially setting up a geofence around your home. That means that when your dog wanders out of your set geofence, you’ll receive an email and / or text message alert. We found the alerts to be very prompt and consistently reliable. You can also invite other people to keep track of your pet via email alerts. This is great for pets with multiple owners.

You can also log-in to the Tagg website where you can access a map to track your pet.

Battery life

Battery life for the tracker is supposed to be able to last up-to 30 days, but that isn’t nearly as long as what we observed in actual use. Instead, the battery life tends to last from 3 to 4 days on average. We really wish that the battery life on Tagg would be longer.  However, to its credit, the Tagg system sends out notifications, warning you when the battery on the Tagg is low and needs to be charged, as well as when it has gone dead.

Mobile Apps

Tagg has an iPhone app which lets you track your pet’s whereabouts on a map, right from your iPhone. You can also use the app to start actively tracking your pet for upto 30 minutes, directly on a map. If you hadve multiple pets wearing Tagg trackers, the app also has support to control and access multiple pet trackers at once. A Tagg app is also available for Android devices.


The Tagg tracker is available in a choice of pink, white, gray or blue. Pricing begins at $99.95 for the First Pet Master Kit, which includes 1 Tagg Tracker, 1 Docking Station, Collar Clip Assembly, and Power Kit, and the first month of service free. After that, the plan costs $7.95 a month, and $0.95 per month for each additional pet.


Overall, Tagg the Pet Tracker is definitely the most well-rounded pet-tracking product out there. It’s easy to set-up and use, and its alerts are super efficient, as are its free mobile apps and its web-based tracking system. Unfortunately, there is room for improvement with Tagg’s battery life and design. With that said, there is nothing on the market that can really compete with Tagg in terms of reliability, easy of use, and price.

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Update 4/12/12: A representative from Tagg reached out to us to let us know that the closer the tracker is to the base unit (docking station), the more battery it will conserve. So if your pet is outdoors, they also suggest propping the docking station close to a window facing the outside area. This should improve battery life.


  1. Hi, I have been using the Pet Tracker now for 6 months, and love it. I found that since I have the base module plugged in I am getting around the 30 days of battery, before I plugged it in, I was seeing the same 4 – 5 days. The only thing that I have not seen nor heard of is, since this is always on, and around my dogs neck kind of like a cell phone, is it harmful to the dog, like they say heavy cell phone use is?