Win the Karotz Smart Internet Rabbit for Easter!

We have been eyeing the adorable Karotz for years – ever since it was first announced! In a world of Smart devices, the Karotz makes for one adorable Smart Rabbit Robotic companion. In particular, Karotz claims to be the world’s first intelligent internet companion. However, Karotz is actually a descendant of the Nabaztag internet-connected rabbits that came out back in 2005.

Set up Karotz on your home network, and Karotz becomes the ultimate social network companion by keeping you up-to date of new Facebook posts and Tweets. But besides for keeping you updated with your latest social networking updates, Karotz is also compatible with a slew of apps, such as weather, news, time, alarms, and more. Plus, you can even dress him up with all sorts of special ears, or expand his memory with an adorable USB tail.

Karotz ordinarily retails for $129.99, but we’re giving away one just in time for Easter, so enter below!

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  1. I’d love to program him to keep me updated on my FB posts and the time and also would be great to set him up with a alarm.  Thanks so much.  This is so neat.

  2. I’ve always wanted one of these, but shamefully had forgotten about it until now! Would love this for e-mail notifications!

  3. I follow Karotz on twitter and facebook and adore their products. Easter is my favorite Holiday and this would be so cute to keep me up to date on twitter !