Beach Sounds Speaker Keeps Your iPod in the Shade

The idea of an iPhone submerged in sand is about as bad as having to listen to nails on a chalkboard. That makes taking your smartphone along with you to the beach a risky proposition indeed. How can you have your tunes and listen to them, too? The Beach Sounds Speaker is here to help.

The Beach Sounds Speaker is a clever piece of work that acts as an external speaker for the iPhone (or any mp3 player) while encasing the device completely, preventing any potential sand or water damage while at the beach. The speaker itself is sand and water resistant, and features separate bass and volume controls, along with an AM/FM tuner. If music is a must when you’re poolside or relaxing at the beach, the Beach Sounds Speaker or something like it seems like a good investment.

You can make sure sand doesn’t wreck your mp3 player for about $36 on Perpetual Kid, just in time for beach weather.