Celebrate the Days Before Multitouch With the Retro Computer Mouse

Is Web 2.0 too mainstream for you? Good news – you can go back to the time before computers were cool with this retro mouse/mousepad combination. It’s just too bad that the scroll wheel is going to throw off your retro vibes. Everyone knows scroll wheels were when mice became total sellouts.

Throwing out every development made in computer mouse ergonomics will run you about $18 off Perpetual Kid, an admittedly fair price for a little bit of throwback flair. Better yet, the mousepad lets everyone know the mouse is indeed retro, just in case that fact was lost on someone.

Really, though, the best part about this blast from the past is that it’s a great excuse to relive memories of the early ’90s, when the Internet was a simpler place, grunge rock was in its prime, and flannel was ironically hip, not ironically retro hip. Good times.

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