Give Your iPhone a Lil Kikr with This Amplifying Dock

Lil Kikr is a new iPhone dock and amplifier in the Kickstarter stage of development. The dock manages to be minimalist while remaining sturdy and, despite appearances, stable.

Lil Kikr is shaped like a cylinder. The inside is hollowed out in such a way that will amplify sounds from the iPhone’s speaker by up to 10 dB from one end, and amplify incoming sounds to the microphone on the other. The amplifying tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum, while stability is guaranteed by two stainless steel kickstands on the back. There is also an integrated 30-pin connector for charging, which is the only electronic component included. The back of the device is supported by a sturdy foam pad.

Lil Kikr will only fit the iPhone 4/4S, but those with iPods or older iPhones haven’t been left out in the cold. The Lil Kikr+ fits a wider range of mobile Apple devices, and is also in development. Both are made specifically with Apple products in mind.

You can score a Lil Kikr yourself by helping to Kickstart the project. If you do, you can have your choice of three colors – red, black, or silver. Shipments are slated to arrive in June.

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