Microchips For Your Pets Just Got a Whole Lot Smaller

The future of pet-friendly microchip technology has just arrived in the United Kingdom, on the heels of a new government mandate that all dogs bred or sold be implanted with a microchip.

Micro-ID has created a new microchip half the size of the old standard, a more ideal choice for small puppies and kittens. The new microchip will work with a newly developed mini-scanner, and the entire process costs roughly £20 for breeders and dog owners. With over 50% of dogs already microchipped in the UK, the new technology should go a long way toward helping dog owners and breeders fulfill that government mandate.

Pet microchip technology is nothing new – before the new, smaller microchips, the old standard had been in use for 25 years. This new development should help make things easier and more affordable for everyone. If you need proof of the usefulness of microchip implants in pets, look no further than this story out of southern California, where, thanks to microchip scanning, a now-grown puppy was returned to its owners – after six years of separation.

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