Necomimi Brainwave-Reading Cat Ear Headband Unleashes Your Inner Catwoman

Good news – we are living in an age when machines can actually read our brain waves, and act accordingly. So, naturally, cat ears are going to be one of the first products out of the gate to show off that potentially life-changing tech.

In fairness, lots of credit should be given to Toyota, for developing an electric wheelchair that can be controlled by reading the user’s brain waves, which is a staggering and impressive accomplishment, and, needless to say, of immense importance to quadriplegics.

Otherwise, we have cat ears. The Necomimi Brainwave-Reading Cat Ear Headband does what it promises – when worn on the head, the headband reads the wearer’s brain waves. According to the demonstration video, the cat ears perk up when you concentrate, and lay down when you relax. There are some other twitches and wiggles shown off, but I don’t think I’m well enough versed in cat body language to tell exactly what they’re supposed to mean.

The Necomimi Brainwave-Reading Cat Ear Headband was actually announced around this time last year, but are just now becoming available for sale. Right now, only the white/pink version is for sale, but additional colors are rumored to be available at a later date. The Necomimi will ship in May, and is selling for $150.


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