Oberon Case for The New iPad 3 Review

iPads all look alike, and so do most of the iPad cases! With Oberon engraved leather cases you can truly differentiate your iPad. Choose from 17 iconic designs and a variety of colors to match your own unique sense of style.

Oberon specializes in ‘Art in Leather and Pewter’. They have been in the custom artistry market since 1972 and produce a wide range of products from engraved jewelry, handbags, accessories, portfolios, and protective cases for moleskins, e-readers, and cell phones.

The Oberon iPad Case for the iPad 2 and New iPad 3 combines old school leather artistry with the high-tech device. If we were to send iPad back to the renaissance, this is the type of case it would come back with.

The leather is thick, durable and protective. It’s custom tanned and is supposed to soften and deepen in color over time. The leather is elegantly engraved all the way around the front and back of the outer case. It has a 3D design where the color alternates in the grooves of the engraving. The inside cover is 100% wool, which keeps iPad’s screen protected.

iPad is locked into three leather corner straps and one elastic corner strap. This leaves all ports and buttons pretty accessible. The elastic corner strap is placed right on top of the toggle switch, which is slightly inconvenient, but not a big deal once you make note. There is a camera cutout in the back of the case large enough to not obstruct picture taking. The case is sealed shut with an elastic cord that wraps around one of Oberon’s signature hand cast (and lead free) Brittania Pewters. On the inside cover there are two small pockets for cards and a large pocket for small documents like letters.

There are cardboard inserts in the pockets of the front and back cover. There was no documentation on these cardboard inserts, but they seem to offer a little extra protection and rigidity in the case. They don’t seem to be required, but it’s nice to have the option.

The Oberon case is very protective and durable. The case is longer and wider than iPad, which gives the case a nice buffer when protecting iPad from accidental drops.

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Aside from the safety factor, the next most important case feature is its usability and practicality. In-hand, the Oberon case is pretty comfortable; it’s a little heavy and a little thick, but still easy to handle. The Oberon case can prop up iPad in a couple different fashions. With the front cover folded behind the case, iPad is at the perfect typing angle–slightly inclined. The other viewing angle is upright in landscape mode. You can slightly vary the angle of tilt. This is made possible with a built-in string that tethers the back flap to the front. This method of propping up iPad works well, however it’s a little more involved and you have to remember to tuck away the string when you’re done.

All-in-All the Oberon case is like no other. The attention to detail in the design is really just phenomenal. The protection and durability is as good as it gets. The usability and practicality is pretty good; the upright mounting is just a little more involved than other cases. The designs and colors are simply amazing. We couldn’t be happier with our Hokusai Wave Oberon Case for iPad 3. The Navy color was a bit darker than we expected, but it lightens a bit and deepens in color. The Oberon Cases for the new iPad 3 are currently available for $130 from OberonDesign.

The Good: Phenomenal Detail in Design, Variety, Colors, Durable, Protective, Props iPad, Seals Shut, Internal Pockets

The Bad: Propping Upright is Involved, Awkward String, Heavier than Most Cases, Pricey