You’ll Be Tempted to Kick Your Kid off the Spherovelo Juno

Want to get your kids started on two wheels extra early? The Spherovelo Juno will beat even training wheels to the punch. The bulbous, oddly futuristic-looking Juno is set to become the two-year old weapon of choice for terrorizing the house.

The Juno keeps vehicular transport for the little ones safe by using spheres instead of wheels, encouraging learning of motor control while making sure that the whole endeavor doesn’t end in tears. The Juno is low to the ground, so toddlers taking a ride can propel themselves by pushing off the ground with their feet. The seat is made of a foam pad, making extended play comfortable. The body is kid-proof – a lightweight hard nylon shell that the creators say will open up different color options in the future. The first three colors are unspecified, but slated to come out sometime this spring. A white version is on sale now from The Conran Shop for £65 ($103), but is made-to-order and will take five to six weeks to deliver.

For parents, you’ll just have to deal with yet another totally awesome looking toy for youngsters that convinces you that you were born into the wrong generation. Just be careful if you decide to take it for a test drive anyway – you might just end up running into a wall, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the way you want to relive your childhood.