Try Not To Poke Yourself in the Eye with the Futae Compass Eyelid Brush

Every once in a while, a perfect storm of a product comes along. Something that is so incredible on so many levels that it demands thoughtful reflection. The Futae Compass Make-Up Eyelid Brush is one such product.

Yes, making one’s eyes appear larger, whether you agree with it or not, is a beauty “thing” in Japan, the source of the Futae Compass. Futae refers to the appearance of double eyelids, which can be achieved by using this little implement. Attached to the base is a brush and a grip that supposedly anchors the compass to your cheek, allowing you to make an even sweeping motion with the brush.

I’ll ignore the concern about varying eye sizes and the fact that it would appear the Futae Compass fails to account for that and get right to the obvious concern – if, shockingly, the round, smooth grip fails to stay securely mounted to your face, you’ll get a nice, even red hue in your eye.

Despite being a beauty product that could probably be equaled (or bettered) by MacGyvering up something out of a cosmetics brush, a Q-Tip, a paper clip, and some tape, the Futae Compass Make-Up Eyelid Brush costs $63, plus $15 shipping to the United States. Or, you can get some wisdom by extension from A Christmas Story and think better of it.

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