2013 Cadillac XTS Buyers To Receive an iPad Loaded with the CUE App

I’m willing to bet you never thought you would have to practice at home in order to use your car. Cadillac suspects some of you might need to in order to get used to their CUE system, the touch-based in-dash interface that will come in Cadillac’s 2013 line of cars. Of course, if it means you’ll get a free iPad thrown in with your car, it’s hard to complain.

Anyone who purchases a Cadillac XTS luxury sedan or ATS sport sedan will get an iPad with their vehicle, which will be customized and preloaded with apps that help to get the most out of CUE. The CUE app recreates the in-car CUE interface, allowing drivers to get used to the system while at home, which Cadillac hopes will ultimately make their new system easier to use and safer, in that there is less confusion created while the driver is actually behind the wheel.

The iPad will also come with a MyCadillac app and OnStar RemoteLink, which will include a direct link to CUE experts that can answer users’ questions about the new interface. Because iPads might be new to quite a few people, too, Cadillac is prepping a designated technology expert for each of their United States dealerships to prepare for any confusion that might (will) arise.

It’s not clear whether or not there will be any restrictions on this free iPad, or to what extent it has been “customized” for Cadillac.