Biolight CampStove is a Must For Geeks Who Are Forced to Go Camping

That said, this camping companion would go pretty well with just about anyone taking a trip into the great outdoors. But, if you can’t be parted from power for your smartphone or tablet for even a night, family camping trips will no longer be a nightmare. The Biolight CampStove has your back, and then some.

The Biolight CampStove is as eco-friendly as it is geek-friendly. The stove doubles as a USB charger for mobile devices, but the really cool part is how it generates that power. At the top is an open stove, where you can start a mini-campfire. The heat from that fire is converted into electricity that is used to power your mobile devices. The green part is that the stove doesn’t use gas. Instead, you’ll be fueling it using natural resources found around you like twigs and leaves. The CampStove also includes a one-gallon pot for cooking.

Maybe the most legitimate combination of technology and roughing it comes with a $129 price tag, which isn’t too bad considering this is one of the most ingenious outdoors products I’ve seen in a while. The Biolight CampStove uses resources to the max, while leaving a minimal effect on the environment. It’s enough to make even the most hardened geek want to take a step outdoors.

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