Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

We’re already fans of Fitbit Ultra, so as soon as Fitbit Aria was announced, we were eager to try it out. Fitbit Aria is a body scale that takes minoring your weight, body fat, and BMI to the next level. The device works by connecting to your home network over Wi-Fi.

Available in white or black, Aria is quite an attractive and modern looking body scale with curved edges and a glossy top exterior. At the top center of the device lies a circular backlit LCD display that is used to show your weight and display other messages.

Setting up the Aria is a cinch. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included. Battery life is supposed to last for 3-6 months on these batteries. To get started, first you’ll need to pull the paper out of the battery compartment, and then you’ll need to go to fitbit.com/start and download the Fitbit desktop app for your Mac or PC. However, the computer you are using for the initial set-up will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the Aria connects too. The app recognized the Aria on our network right away and connected to it seamlessly. The next and final step is to sign up for a new Fitbit account, or connect the Aria to an existing account – if you are already using a Fitbit account with a Fitbit Ultra.

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But Aria goes far beyond just being a tool for just checking your weight, body fat, and BMI – it lets you track your progress in these areas over time. You can access all of your weight trends etc, via Fitbit’s web site, or via Fitbit’s iPhone app.

Are you dieting? Then the Fitbit Aria could be the ultimate tool to keep you on the straight and narrow. The Fitbit system lets you set weight goals, log your work-outs,  and manage calories. Plus, like with Fitbit Ultra, Aria keeps you motivated by allowing you to earn badges. Fortunately, Fitbit’s online interface is very intuitive and easy to use.  It’s also full of graphs and charts for helping you keep track of all your new health related data.

Fitbit Aria is also designed to work with multiple users – up to 7 accounts can be set up, which should be enough for the whole family. This way each person can have access to their own stats, and they can choose to keep this data private if they want too.

The first time I stood on Aria, Aria recognized who I was and displayed my initials on its LCD. I tried to trick the system by having someone else stand on Aria, but Aria was able to detect right away that it was a “guest”. Color us impressed!

Finally, if you choose too, you can share your Fitbit stats on Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Fitbit to see how your friends are doing with their own progress. Imagine that a wedding is coming up, and you and your fellow bridesmaids are all dieting! It could be fun to monitor each other’s progress together.


The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is a great way to keep track of your progress if you are on a diet, but even if you aren’t on a diet, it becomes a fun way to stay motivated about staying active and healthy. And if you happen to own a Fitbit Ultra, than the two combined make for some killer health data via your Fitbit account. However, we will admit that Fitbit Aria is hardly a must have gadget, it’s really more a luxury than a necessity. With that said, since testing out Aria, I find myself compelled to weigh myself every day, and I’m more aware of what I am eating. All in all, Fitbit has really knocked this product out of the park – so much so that now that Fitbit Aria exists, the modern scale will never be the same. Fitbit Aria is available now for $129.99, making it even more affordable than its competition, the Withings Body Scale.

The Good: Great tool to help those who are dieting or just want to monitor their weight etc, easy to set-up and use, nice modern design, Fitbit account U.I. is intuitive and resourceful

The Bad: Scale is not recommended for users with pacemakers, pricier than even more expensive scales