Top 5 Methods for Saving a Wet Phone

Texting isn’t just dangerous while driving, it’s also dangerous at the beach, and especially at the loo! Not that we’re judging. Heck, we have all been there, and done that. But once you have indeed dropped your poor smartphone in the sink, or worse – the toilet – what can you do to save it? Here are nine crazy, yet proven effective ways to salvage a wet phone, along with what NOT TO DO to save your wet phone. All suggestions come courtesy of Virgin Mobile Live.


Place the phone in front of a room fan and let it COMPLETELY dry out

Don’t have a fan around? A Blow dryer is also a great tool great tool to use for drying your wet phone.

Remove the phone’s battery cover and battery and lay all its pieces down on an absorbent cloth like a paper towel, and let it rest there while drying out.

4. WD-40 IT
Get some WD-40, AKA Water displacing spray number 40, and aim it at your phone. This substance has a proven track record for fixing all sorts of stuff.

Drop the wet phone in a container of rice overnight. Believe it or not, this method is probably the most effective way to get all the moisture out of your wet phone.

And here is what not to do:

1. Do NOT Microwave it

2. Do NOT suck it. This one is especially not recommended if you dropped your phone in the toilet…

3. Merely Blowing on your phone will not save it. Sure, blowing on old NES cartridges used to revive those games, but the same method won’t work for a mobile phone.

4. Do NOT use a vacuum to dry it out.


Disclaimer: Helena Stone works with Virgin Mobile as a Virgin Mobile Ambassador. All snarky remarks are 100% her own.

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