Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster is Better than Any Tool Belt

That said, calling this a tool belt would still be an apt description, in more ways than one.

The Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster is not for a jack-of-all-trades. Wearing this makes it clear that you’re only good at doing one thing, and that you probably do that one thing very well. This belt fits six bottles of beer, but be warned – if you’re wearing this around your next barbecue, it looks like it will be very easy for others to snatch your brews without much difficulty. And, given that wearing this probably means that you are or will be heavily inebriated, your guard’s probably going to be down.

Fortunately, the temperature will also be down on the beers that don’t get swiped. The holsters keep beers cool while you tote them around for easy access, perfect for those who always find themselves lamenting how unreasonably far away the cooler or the fridge is.

There’s also a pocket where you can keep your wallet, but if you’re wearing this, maybe just leave the wallet in a safer place – namely not on your person.

It’s no Wine Rack Bra, but the Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster manages to establish a firm (or maybe loose, stumbling) foothold in the drinking market. Pounding brews back on demand is in the cards for about $25 from HomeWetBar.