Skullcandy Debuts Brooklyn Nets and James Harden Limited Ed. Headphones

Just over a month ago, on April 13th, the NBA officially approved the move of the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn. The Nets will kick off the 2012-2013 NBA season in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, clad in their new black and white uniforms. When that time comes, fans can be ready with some black and white Nets gear of their own – the Skullcandy Brooklyn Nets Aviators.

The move and subsequent logo redesign were influenced heavily by Jay-Z, who owns 1.5% of the New Jersey Nets. That was enough sway to convince majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov to get on board – or, maybe Prokhorov didn’t care, because he was too busy campaigning to become the president of Russia. Not sure.

The unusual black and white design is reminiscent of the old New York City subways signs, and is a call back to earlier days when Brooklyn still had professional sports (the Dodgers). Jay-Z might not have been able to lobby to get his good friend LeBron James to take his talents to Brooklyn, but his design ideas are pretty bold in their lack of color, and should draw some interest in Nets fashion statements come the start of the next NBA season.

The Skullcandy Brooklyn Nets Aviators will be black with the new Nets B-Ball logo. The headphones themselves are a decent set, with memory foam ear cushions, a microphone, and a focus on balancing highs, bass, and vocals.

You can also grab a pair of Aviators graced with the face of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden, recently named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in a well-deserved honor. But, the question begs to be asked – why James Harden? The answer is simple. If you can find me a more majestic beard than that the one that man is rocking these days, do let me know.

Both styles of headphones can be purchased on Skullcandy’s website for about $180.

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