Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones Review

Diesel and Monster have accomplished what many can only hope for – the collision of audio and fashion into a pair of super cool on-ear headphones. By combining the best of both worlds, what has resulted is a unique looking and impressively sounding pair of headphones called Diesel VEKTR.

In the Box

  • VEKTR Headphones
  • Touring Case
  • Triangle shaped Tangle Free High-Definition Cable with ControlTalk
  • Cleaning Cloth

The Diesel VEKTR on-ear headphones are at its core a pair of headphones that stands outside the box. To create these headphones, Monster worked extremely close with lifestyle brand Diesel, so that both companies could deliver something new and fresh to the headphone market. Where many have adopted the Beats by Dre design aesthetic, VEKTR stands on its own two feet by being the first pair of headphones that offer a unique triangular 3D design. But not only do the headphones bare a unique design, but so do their ear cups. In fact, Spock would probably love these headphones, because the ear cups are anything but round. Instead, they have a triangular design to boot that compliments the overall shape of the headphones.

The high gloss piano black finish on the VEKTRs add sexiness to these already eye catching pair of headphones, but the finish is also a fingerprint collector. Which is why we are glad Monster and Diesel include a cleaning cloth along with the pair. To complete the package, VEKTR also comes with a tangle free cable with an angular shaped ControlTalk remote on the cable.

Monster’s packaging is always top notch, but one design flaw is the fact that the VEKTR’s cables are hidden inside the packaging under the Monster logo beneath the headphones. At first we thought the headphones didn’t ship with the headphone cable, but Monster acknowledged that this is a design packaging flaw, that will be corrected soon.

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Sound Performance

While the VEKTR’s looks certainly impress, we are happy to say that so does the sound performance. While bass is not overwhelming, it is still prevalent, and the overall listening experience is certainly above par.  Mids and highs are rich and crisp, and the bass provides a warmth that compliments it very nicely.  There is no heavy thumping of bass in your head, but personally, as a bass lover, I would have liked a smidgen more bass. Meanwhile, the crispness of the highs and mids beautifully shine through on Florence + The Machine, Christina Perri, and Gotye. Even Tom Petty’s guitar sounds so real, that it’s as if he is playing in the room in front of you.

Unique to the Diesel VEKTR headphones is the 3D sound that simulates the perception of spatial audio. The company claims to use sound altering techniques that give the listener a bigger than life listening experience. And we have to agree that the sonics that are outputted make you feel like you are at a concert when you put the headphones on.

However, due to the angular shape of the ear cups, that means the music tends to leak out for others to hear, especially if your ears are too big or too small and don’t hug the ear cups because of its odd shape. This also means some ambient noise leaks in while you’re listening to music.

The ControlTalk feature is alive and well on the VEKTR headphones and callers heard me loud and clear. For once I have no issues with the construction of the ControlTalk remote on the VEKTR headphones. This is a a gripe I consistently had on previous Monster Control Talk cables. This time around however, the cable is solid and doesn’t feel flimsy or plasticky at all.


The VEKTR on-ear headphones from Monster and Diesel hit all the sweet spots. It is a super hip pair of headphones that feature a stand-out design, yet at the same time it offers consumers a listening experience that is crisp, rich and loud. While the angular shaped ear cups is my biggest gripe about the headphones, the over-all listening experience is top notch. These are one pair of headphones that have earned a strut down the catwalk… Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones retail for $279.95 and are available now. They can also be found for as low as $249 on Amazon.

The Good: Top notch original design, crisp mids and highs make you feel like you put a concert on head, design will appeal to both men and women.

The Bad: Collects fingerprints easily, angular ear cup design leads to music leaking out and ambient noise leaking in, bass could be a bit stronger, a bit pricey – but that’s what you get for high fashion.