iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup, September Launch Possible

WWDC came and went without mention of the long-awaited iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called), to the disappointment of the especially impatient. As it always is with the iPhone 5, details are unknown but the rumor mill is ever-churning.

One of the most recent rumors coming out before WWDC was of a two-tone iPhone with a current-iPhone dock killing smaller connector. Photos from iFixYouri, supposedly from a Chinese manufacturer, show the potential new iPhone, which would have an aluminum back, a bigger speaker and microphone, and the headphone jack on the bottom of the device, rather than the top.

Then, there’s the speculation of an iPhone 5 launch this fall, which isn’t so much speculation as it is an expectation of the iPhone 4S fall release last year becoming a pattern of behavior for Apple. The promise of a fall release for the iOS 6 update also hints at the release of a new iPhone, as a software update is usually accompanied by a hardware update for Apple when it comes to the iPhone.

Or, those rumors could be completely off-base. They are rumors, after all. Having said that, Apple going an entire year without releasing a new iPhone seems very unlikely. A fall release is the most probable scenario, leaving enough time for holiday shoppers to gift the new iPhone (and get one for themselves, of course).

Via Gizmodo and Examiner

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