The Z2300 is Polaroid’s Slick New Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid has found a way to stick to its instant photography roots, even in the digital age. Previous iterations of Polaroid’s instant digital cameras have looked more like the classic Polaroid models, but the Z2300 fits the idea into the form factor of a standard digital camera, slipping a thin printer into the camera’s body, with a slot on the side.

The Z2300 features a 10 MP sensor and a 3” LCD screen for viewfinding and printing. Wi-Fi connectivity is included, for the purpose of sharing photos and videos on social networks. An SD card slot expands internal memory by as much as 32 GB. The main feature is the printer, which allows for that famed Polaroid instant photography. The printer creates full color 2 x 3 prints that are smudge-proof and water resistant.

The trick behind the instant printing technology lies in the printing paper used. Polaroid instant digital cameras use ZINK technology, which stands for Zero Ink. Rather than load ink into the camera (which would be an impractical idea for many reasons), cyan, magenta, and yellow ink crystals are embedded into the ZINK paper, which are activated using heat from the camera’s printer.

Of course, ZINK paper doesn’t come free. 50-sheet packs cost about $25, while 30-sheet packs cost about $15. The Polaroid Z2300 will sell for $160 when it hit stores. All of those can be pre-ordered now from the Polaroid website. The ship date is expected to be August 15th.