SeeThru Case for MacBook Air Review

The MacBook Air is an absolutely gorgeous piece of technology. If you’re an owner, and you’d like to keep your Macbook Air gorgeous, the Speck SeeThru is a worthy investment. The Speck SeeThru maintains the Air’s breath-taking physique while adding some nice protection and even some extra colorful eye-candy.

The Macbook Air is already sexy, but you can add a personal touch by making it more fun with a colored translucent case. The Speck SeeThru is only 1.2mm thick, so it adds very little thickness and bulk to the Air. The SeeThru case is a two piece design and is made out of a durable, shatter-proof polycarbonate. It snaps right on to the Air and highlights its accents.

The Speck SeeThru Case doesn’t limit the Macbook Air, it has vent slots on the bottom, and it still allows the Air to be opened all the way. Speck is even patenting the case’s anti-tilt rubberized feet. This keeps the base of the Air attached to the desk/table/surface when opening the screen. The feet work well, and they’re removable, but the feet can fall out and get lost. The case is precision engineered for a perfect fit. The material is glossy and grippy. It doesn’t easily show fingerprints, which is refreshing. After a week of regular use, we can’t spot one scratch or scuff.

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A protected Macbook Air is a happy from MacBook Air. No bumps or scratches for our Air, plus we love the brighter appearance with SeeThru. We reviewed the Sunflower model, which can look yellow, orange, or gold depending on lighting. The SeeThru Cases are also available in clear, cobalt, blossom (light pink), pool (light blue), raspberry, and lilac. The Speck SeeThru case for MacBook Air 11″ and 13″ retails for $49.99. Most of the colors can be found on Amazon for between $30 and $40. This price is pretty fair considering the perfect fit, brightened appearance, and added protection.

The Good: Protective, Awesome-Looking, Nice Colors, Thin/Light, Anti-Tilt Feet

The Bad: Rubber Feet can Fall Out

Note: Wipe down your Macbook Air before applying, so you don’t trap dust and dirt

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