Skullcandy Hesh 2 – Paul Frank Scholastic Julious Headphones Review

Skullcandy has always been very keen on unique design. That’s why we were surprised, and impressed, that they invested in designer Paul Frank’s creativity to design their most adorable pair of over-ear headphones yet. The Hesh 2 – Paul Frank Scholastic Julious headphones features the classic Paul Frank monkey, Julious, all hipster-ed out in his oversized glasses and ironic bow tie.

These Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones are, of course, the successor to Skullcandy’s popular Hesh line of over-ears. Still consistent with the iconic Hesh design, the Paul Frank Hesh 2’s feature round bubbled earcups. Each earcup proudly displays hipster Julious. There’s a removable cord that plugs into the left ear cup. The earcup cushions are donut-shaped with nicely cushioned leather. I have large ears, and with a little shimmying, my entire ear will fit snugly inside the cushion donut. The ear cups pivot slightly, and are on an adjustable plastic band.

The band is thick, well-padded, and wrapped in a nice clean white (faux?) leather. On the top of the band is a, rather boldly, stitched “Paul Frank”. Of course, they wouldn’t be real Skullcandys if they didn’t rock a skull or two. They’re discreetly located above each earcup in gun-metal grey.

In terms of over-ear headphones, the Hesh 2’s are on the larger side. They’re bold, with large bubbled ear cups, a thick headband, and thick earcup cushions. They’re pretty plasticky, but feel durable enough. In terms of weight, they’re probably a bit lighter than you may expect. They weight just over 6 ounces.

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The Hesh 2 headphones are supposed to include a travel pouch and a microphone capable cable. Our demo model didn’t come with either. Strangely, there’s no right ear and left ear indicator on the ear cups. We thought the craftsmanship was pretty nice, however, after a couple weeks the leather from the headband untucked a bit.

Even with my large ears, the Hesh 2’s remained very comfortable for an hour or two, and then the pressure on my head kicks in a bit. The audio is very nicely balanced and the noise isolation is superb. The bass is solid and punchy, it’s not overwhelming and won’t rattling your skull. The mids are crisp and clear. The highs are a bit muddy, but still balanced. The audio is clean, detailed, and there’s no distortion at high volumes. My only criticism is that some songs can sound somewhat empty; this was more apparent with acoustic types of music.

The Hesh 2 – Paul Frank Scholastic Julious headphones are super fab. If you don’t mind attention, people love to talk about them. They’re comfortable, pretty durable, and sound great for the price. At $100, you wouldn’t be disappointed with these Hesh 2’s, but for their retail price of $59.95, you’ll love them. They’re currently available from SkullCandy.com

The Good: Detachable Cable, Fun Design, Comfortable/Cushioned, Balanced Audio, Affordable

The Bad: Not Collapsible, Some Music Genres Can Sound Empty, Leather Untucked from Headband, No Right-Ear/Left-Ear Indicator

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  1. I can confirm that the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 is made with real leather and not faux leather. Vegetarians, vegans or people not wanting to wear leather should consider buying from a brand that uses alternative faux leathers.

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