Tuff-Luv Union Jack Leather Case for the New iPad 3 Review

Tuff-Luv is going all out with their UK pride. We got our (American) hands on the Multi-View Union Jack Leather Case for the New iPad 3. It’s also compatible with iPad 2. The Multi-View is gorgeous, but also functional, featuring 5 different landscape viewing angles.

Last year, we reviewed the Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis case for iPad 2. Talk about a lot of viewing angles. The Multi-View Union Jack has 5 landscape viewing angles and it’s even a little simpler to use.

When you unfold the Multi-View Folio Case, you will see the entire Union Jack in all its UK glory. You may be impartial the union jack, but either way, it’s a very neat design. The leather is actually faux-leather, and it’s slightly textured. It looks and feels like real leather; it’s comfortable, durable, and stitched all around the edges. On the inside, iPad slides into a black “leather” frame. The frame has cutouts for all ports and buttons. The inside of the cover is a soft, protective microfiber. The cover is magnetic and uses the smart-lock feature to auto wake or sleep iPad.

To prop up iPad, the magic happens on the outside of the case. On the backside of the case is a stand that is buttoned onto the case. On the front of the case is a leather strip with five buttons. It’s a neat accent, but is there for functional purposes. To prop up iPad, the stand is unbuttoned from the back of the case and buttoned into one of the five buttons on the front of the case. The buttons make this stand just about as sturdy as iPad stands can get. Since it’s actually buttoned in, you can safely use iPad on your lap. It won’t collapse, even from rocky motion. There’s five different landscape viewing angles, which cover just about any angle you could want.

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The button stand system isn’t the quickest, but it is the most secure. It’s also very easy. The only annoying aspect of it is that the case won’t sit flat on a surface when it’s closed shut. Either way the case is faced, it will either see-saw on the raised buttons, or on the raised stand. Not a big deal, but a little awkward.

The case has some heft to it, not an unreasonable amount considering how protective it is. The front and back covers are padded, which provides more than enough protection for iPad. The case has a snap seal to lock iPad inside.

The Tuff-Luv Union Jack Multi-View Folio Case is definitely a bold style, but not to fret–Tuff-Luv makes the Multi-View case in other fab materials and designs. The Multi-View stand is one of the most secure stands available for iPad. It’s one of the few that will work flawlessly on your lap. It does, however, add some awkward lumps to the outside of your case. The Tuff-Luv Union Jack Multi-View Folio Case is compatible with iPad 2 and the New iPad 3. It’s currently available from Tuff-Luv.com for £44.99 ($69). If you’re looking for a Union Jack case with a good stand, this is it. If you’re impartial to the Union Jack, and a buttoned stand isn’t essential, you could find a multi-angled stand for iPad at a cheaper price. Consider the Cygnett Lavish Earth for iPad 3 that we just reviewed.

The Good: Lifetime Guarantee, Multi-View Stand, Secure Stand, Neat Design, Protective, Autowake Magnetic Smart Cover
The Bad: Stand and Buttons Make Outside of Case Awkwardly Sit

Honorable Mention – Tuff-Luv Embrace Case Cover for Amazon Kindle 4 or Kobo Touch

We weren’t kidding when we said that Tuff-Luv is going all out with their UK pride. The Embrace case for the Kindle 4 or Kobo Touch is aesthetically similar to the Multi-View, but is actually pretty different.

The Embrace case is obviously much smaller. It doesn’t have a built in stand, but it does have a built-in elastic palm handle for propping up your e-reader in your hand. This is an especially neat feature.

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The Embrace case is also made from faux leather, one that’s grainier than the iPad case. Each color of the Union Jack is a separate piece of leather sticked onto the case, a very nice touch. The e-Reader is locked into the case by use of elastic corner straps. It’s compatible with the Tuff-Luv Spark light.

The Embrace Case Cover for Amazon Kindle 4 or Kobo Touch is currently available from Tuff-Luv for £29.99 ($46). Tuff-Luv also has other designs available, not just the Union Jack.