Us+U Simple Swivel for iPad 3 Review

Swivel like it’s hot with the Us+U Simple Swivel for iPad 2 and the New iPad 3. The Simple Swivel is a unique iPad case that puts an end to awkward handheld iPad usage. It features a 360 degree swiveling handle that transforms your hand into an iPad. It also features a built-in kickstand and an elastic loop for a pen or stylus.

The Simple Swivel, unlike Us+U’s ProFolio, is not a portfolio case; there’s no cover. iPad slides into this case through a velcro opening on the side. There’s a frame that runs around the front of iPad, but other than that, there’s nothing covering the front. The case is made out of “man-made” leather, with an suede microfiber interior.

The entire back of iPad is protected and covered. On the back is the elastic patent-pending 360 degree rotating handle, which fits hands of all sizes. Nicely enough, the handle doesn’t rotate much unless you want it to. With the handle, you can basically replace your hand with an iPad. It’s pretty comfortable to use and feels surprisingly natural. You don’t have to rely on your grip to hold up iPad, this makes it less strenuous. It looks like something you’d see Apple employees use while they schedule genius appointments.

Should your trusty hand give out on you, you can always resort to the built-in flush-mount kickstand. It positions iPad at a nice angle for typing. The kickstand is very sturdy, and it’s also really quick and easy to use. When in it’s closed position, it doesn’t hang off the back of iPad, it sticks to the case by use of strong magnets; a great choice by US+U.

How’s the protection and usability? Even considering the screen is exposed, there’s still some pretty solid protection for every-day use. If you throw your iPad in a bag, you’ll need a dedicated compartment or an iPad sleeve. The leather is durable and protective enough. It has some weight, but nothing too crazy. All of iPad’s corners are exposed a tad, which means there’s a small chance that they can the first to impact a surface. All of the cutouts are a bit too small; they rely on iPad to be perfectly positioned inside the case. The velcro opening for iPad works well, but it looks a bit tacky. It makes the frame around iPad’s screen sit unevenly.

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Although we had a few gripes with the design, we happened to really enjoy using the US+U Simple Swivel. It’s a case that just makes a lot of sense. There’s nothing complicated about it. I’ve found that oftentimes iPad case covers can make it difficult to hold iPad in a handheld manner; they also make it difficult to take pictures with iPad. The Simple Swivel solves both of those issues. The US+U retails for $49.99 from USplusU.com. It’s definitely on the pricey side of iPad, but it’s one-of-a-kind. If you think you’d be better off with a portfolio style case, they offer a Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 and 3 that sells for $69.99.

The Good: Comfortable Handle, Handle Swivels 360 Degrees, Feels Natural to Use, Built-In Kickstand, Fits iPad 2+3, Built-in Pen/Stylus Holder
The Bad: Cutouts Too Small, Velcro Distorts Frame Around Screen, Pricey, Stand Only Provides One Viewing Angle, No Screen Protection