V-MODA VAMP Will Make Your iPhone Sound Like it’s on Steroids

We have been keeping our traps shut since we saw this baby at CES 2012.  Finally we can officially talk about VAMP, the latest drool worthy product from V-MODA. The VAMP is the first of its kind: a headphone amplifier, Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC), battery extender, and digital audio output all housed within a sleek brushed aluminum protective case for the iPhone 4/4S.We have held and listened to this beast and without a doubt this will become a must have for your audio arsenal. The VAMP slips on to the back of your iPhone like any other iPhone case, but it is slightly thicker due to this unique feature. If you thought the songs you downloaded from iTunes sounded just O-K, now they will sound like they are on steroids.





Let’s not forget how amazing raw digital audio files will sound amplified as well at the higher bit rate ones. Every nuance and subtle sound is be captured by the VAMP and amplified into your ears. Pair this with anyone of V-MODA’s headphones and you have a portable sound system in the palm of your hands.

Staying true to its roots, V-MODA made sure that the device not only blows people away with its amplification, but also with its looks. So while the Vamp may add a significant amount of heft to your device but the design is top notch and is still very appealing to those audiophiles who want their audio gear to look and sound good.

Check this space for a review of the VAMP soon. In the meantime go save your pennies, because this baby will set you back $599 on Amazon, but it is so worth it.