Geek Squad Summer Academy Brings Tech Camps to Military Families

The Geek Squad Summer Academy, a summer camp designed to get young people interested in tech and computers, is currently enjoying its sixth annual run. Kids across the nation are learning in fun ways (not an easy trick to pull off) about the gadgets they’re growing up with – both how to use them, and how to take them apart and put them back together.

This year, Geek Squad is extending its summer camp program to children of military families. In addition to the over 10,000 students across 20 states who will enjoy Geek Squad’s tech camps, children at five military bases across the United States will enjoy camps designed specifically for them.

The best news might be that the Geek Squad Summer Academy continues to grow every year, with more and more demand being met with more extensive instruction and more camps available, while still remaining fun and entertaining for the students. Children learn how to use media software like Garage Band and Final Cut to create videos and get hands-on as they take apart and assemble computers, to figure out what exactly makes them tick.