Hex Free Wired Backpack Review

There is no shortage of backpacks these days, however it’s always nice to see a company take us tech-junkies into consideration when designing one. Hex is a company that puts great pride into their contemporary bag designs. We got the Hex Free Wired Backpack to review; it features a water resistant coating, an iPad pocket, a laptop sleeve, and a tech organizer.

People find the appearance and design of the Hex Free Wired Backpack to be hit or miss. At first I was somewhat impartial to it’s minimalistic design, but it quickly grew on me. The canvas exterior is grey with of the zippered pockets have black flap covers. The zippers all have a red leather pulls on themn the front of the Free Wired bag is a padded iPad pocket. It fits all iPads (1,2, and the New 3), even with a smart cover. Unfortunately, it won’t fit iPad with most cases. Above that is a pocket for miscellaneous items, similar to the one side pocket.

The inside of the backpack has an entirely different look and feel than the exterior. It’s covered in a very bright (and padded) vinyl-like material. The main pocket is large enough for a weekend’s worth of clothing and accessories. There is a large cushioned 15″ laptop pocket, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see larger laptops fit. There is also a tech organizer on the opposite side of the laptop pocket with smaller pockets and pen holders. FInally, there is also a removable keychain.

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But what really distinguishes the Hex Backpack from any other backpack? Hex would probably say it’s their unique design. I found the Free Wired backpack to be a much more cushioned and protective than other backpacks. It’s a really nice and usable medium-sized backpack. The adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable, as is the back cushion, but neither are anything out of the ordinary. The other feature I especially liked, is that it doesn’t look like a water resistant backpack, which you could expect to be very shimmery looking. I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t make use of the dedicated iPad pocket with my BookBook iPad case.

The Hex Free Wired Backpack retails for $79.95 but is currently on sale for as low as $62.99 with free shipping. For other similar bags and cases, check out ShopHex.com.

The Good: Comfortable, Light, Water Resistant, Good Pockets, Neat Design, Durable, Protective

The Bad: iPad Pocket Won’t Fit Cases

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