Is HoodiePillow the New Snuggie for Your Head?

So, I’m going to be completely honest here. When I first saw the URL http://www.hoodiepillow.com, I immediately pictured a hooded sweatshirt with an extra-padded hood. You’d get a classic article of clothing that you can wear anywhere and not look ridiculous, plus an impromptu pillow whenever you pull your hood up. I was actually kind of excited, and then I clicked on the URL, and then it wasn’t that. It was a pillow with a hood attached to it, which is…OK, I guess.

HoodiePillow is intended for the three positions above, which confuses me a little bit. Besides using it as a way to block light and sound by tugging on the drawstrings, which I’ll admit is a pretty good idea, using it as a regular pillow and a back pillow don’t seem to require the hood to be there. I’m pretty sure you can pull those off with a regular pillow. It feels like HoodiePillow is made for people who like to wear their hoods indoors, which, unless you live in a place with regular subzero temperatures, strikes me as akin to wearing your sunglasses at night.

But hey, a shade under $20 isn’t a bad price for a pillow anyway, and if you need to keep your head warm during snowy winters, why not get one?

Also, first person on the Internet to get a picture up of themselves wearing a Snuggie and a HoodiePillow while in a cult-like pose wins my undying respect and admiration. Bonus points for matching colors.


  1. This is a great idea!  People lose the majority of heat out their head. I hate having my face covered when I’m trying to fall asleep(which is what happens when I cover my head with a blanket) so this is an excellent solution!