iPhone 5 Screen To Be Thinner and Bigger? [Rumor]

Rumors that the next iPhone will ship with a larger screen have been going around ever since May, but it’s now that we’re getting an idea of how that might be made possible – a thinner screen that will make the move to a larger screen a little cheaper (for Apple, that is).

Apple’s frequent components partner, Sharp, along with two other companies – Japan Display and LG Display – have made strides in LCD technology, allowing them to manufacture displays with touchscreen components built-in. That means an extra touchscreen layer is now unnecessary. Granted, the screen won’t be that much thinner – the extra layer was only half a millimeter thick – but it should improve display quality. The other important point is that Apple doesn’t need to spend money on that extra layer, meaning they can funnel some extra money into bigger LCD screens, and a bigger iPhone.

It might also guarantee that an August release won’t happen – the three components providers mentioned above are finding the process of making LCDs with built-in touchscreen components a little difficult, and are trying to find ways to speed up the process.

So, we might have to wait a little longer for Apple to reveal its new, possibly bigger iPhone. Will it be as big as this guy? We’ll find out soon enough.

Via Yahoo! Finance

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