iSkin Rolls Out Samsung Galaxy III Protective Cases

Ready for some more Galaxy S III cases? Of course you are. iSkin has announced two new lines of form-fitting cases specifcally made for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

The iSkin vibes line features soft cases made of thermoplastics, with covered buttons and camera and flash guards. They also feature Microban antimicrobial technology, which is supposed to prevent the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria. I was not aware that this was a problem, but if that strikes you as important, there you go. At the very least, the iSkin cases don’t seem to be any more expensive than most other designer cases on the market, so you won’t be shelling out more money just for a feature of questionable necessity. Instead, you’ll be paying more for a designer label of questionable necessity. The vibes line is available in four colors – metallic black, deep purple, aquamarine blue, and light glam pink.

The iSkin aura line features the hard shell cases, which have a matte polycarbonate base and a two-tone aluminum back shield. Being hard shell cases, these will have cut-outs for buttons, rather than soft, raised covers. These cases will be coming in matte black with red/black aluminum, matte black with blue/dark grey aluminum, and matte white with pink/silver aluminum.

The vibes line cases will sell for $29.99 each, while the aura line cases will sell for $39.99 each. Those both still seem pricey for just a standard case, but this seems to be the going rate for designer cases these days. Still, you can surely find equal protection for cheaper elsewhere, if the designer label means nothing to you.