Podtime Sleeping Pods is Like Something Out of Prometheus

The Podtime Sleeping Pods won’t put you in cryosleep and get you to alien planets, but they do look like they would be at home on the Prometheus all the same.

These sleeping pods aren’t for the claustrophobic, but everyone else can enjoy the best kind of shut-eye – the quiet, peaceful, solitary kind. The tube is made of a tough polycarbonate material, while the frosted glass doors are heavy and block out sound. Each one comes with a fitted mattress, though I don’t think it would be too difficult to slot your own in there as long as it isn’t too wide. And, despite all appearances, air circulation is promised to be very good, because musty smells and sleep never go together.

Besides color options, there are a host of other goodies available to make your sleeping pod your second home. There’s a built-in shelf that can be folded up, and you can choose to add a luggage compartment, a TV/DVD combo, a leather-covered mattress, a digital alarm clock radio, and a bunch of other optional features.

The Podtime Sleeping Pod is also surprisingly easy to ship and move. It looks like it would be much heavier, but it’s only about 220 pounds, and the pieces can be stacked flat for transport.

The best sleep of your life comes with a price tag of about $2,148 from Firebox. I guess we’ll have to keep waiting for the optional cryosleep add-on.

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