Protective Anti-Radiation Case for iPad, Blocks 3G and Wi-Fi Signals

It’s not every day you find something quite as poorly conceived as this protective anti-radiation case. Let’s savor it.

The Chinavasion camouflage-themed tablet case (apparently the only color available) trots out the time-tested vague warning about radiation and cancer before boasting about its amazing radiation prevention power, which comes from…well, I don’t know. That’s OK, though – you can rest assured knowing that the product has gone through in-house quality control testing at the world’s most famous portmanteau of “China” and “invasion.”

But, that’s not all! The case will also block 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi signals, because hacking (seriously, look at the sales page). That’s great! You can use your severely limited iPad all you want, then just remove your iPad from the case when you’re ready for some quality radiation time – I mean, when you need to use the Internet. Sorry.

They nylon fabric case will hold any version of the iPad and most other tablets, as well as your mobile phone and wallet, or whatever else you carry around with you. The “anti-hacking,” “anti-radiation” fear-mongering double play is selling off of Chinavasion’s website for $10.92. Despite being a wholesaler, it looks like you can just buy one. Admittedly, the price makes this one of the cheapest iPad cases you’ll find anywhere – which is great, as long as you don’t mind the no Internet thing. Minor details.

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