iPhone App of the Week: Cloth Saves Your Favorite Outfit for a Rainy Day

You can save outfits for sunny days, too. In fact, with Cloth, you can save an outfit (or many) for just about as many kinds of days as you want.

Using Cloth, you can photograph yourself wearing your favorite outfits, before adding tags. Those tags can include things like events or evening wear. Once your outfits are tagged, you can organize them by tag, then browse through the appropriate categories if you’re in a bind and need a quick idea for an outfit.

You can also tag based on weather, but Cloth has a little extra surprise in store if you choose to do this. Cloth has integrated real-time weather data from wunderground. Using that weather data, the app will show you all the weather-appropriate outfits you have saved for whatever the conditions are that day. There are a few filters you can add to your photos, and photos can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Cloth is a free app, but in order to get the weather integration and filters, you’ll need to pay $0.99 as a one-time in-app purchase. You can get the app now on the iTunes App Store.