Classic Rolls Royce Gets Covered in 1 Million Swarovski Crystals for Charity

It would appear the game of one-upsmanship over who can affix the most Swarovski crystals to something is now over.

After all, how do you top coating an entire car with over a million Swarovski crystals? Not just any car, mind you, but a vintage Rolls Royce that would by no means be cheap sans crystals.

Crystals aren’t the only thing this car is decked out in. The Rolls Royce logo has been covered in over 4,000 topaz gems. The most ridiculous statistic might be the effort required – the entire project required the work of six employees over a few years to complete.

At auction, the car is expected to fetch millions upon millions of euros, all of which will go to Help in Motion, a charity ran by the man who directed the Swarovski project, Ralph Edgar Mueller. The foundation aims to provide free medical clinics to places in the world that do not have access to quality affordable medical care.

Something tells me wherever this car ends up, it won’t be seeing the road all that often. Besides, with the glare that will be coming off this thing, you won’t even be able to impress other drivers with it – all they’re going to see is a big ball of light speeding past.

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