Even the Sagemcom Sixty Union Jack Phone Won’t Make the Queen Smile

Though Queen Elizabeth II certainly wasn’t above fun and games at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, she got caught at the wrong time. That moment gave the world a picture of Her Royal Majesty giving onlookers a wicked stink eye, which spawned this, among other parodies.

With a scowl like that, even this Sagemcom Sixty Union Jack Phone might not have the power to turn that royal frown upside down. It gets an A for effort, though, with a glossy Union Jack design and a cordless handset. It’s another “retro-style” phone – made to look like an old rotary phone, but with touch numbers. It’s also packing an address book that can be accessed on-screen and can hold 150 contacts, along with an answering machine that can record up to twenty minutes.

So, if you’re still in need of a landline and are angling to be the next Miss Moneypenny, go nuts. It’s selling for about 90 of the Queen’s money, or around $141.