A Prop Company and a Star Trek Fan Club Go on a Mission to Save the Galileo

The Starship Enterprise is nice and all, but when matters needed to be attended to planetside, there was no substitute for the venerable shuttle. The shuttlecraft ultimately became not just a Star Trek classic, but a staple of the space-based science fiction genre. So, when we talk about the original prop used as the Galileo shuttlecraft in the original Star Trek series, it’s safe to say we’re talking about a not insignificant piece of history.

That’s why it’s good to hear that someone is boldly going into their wallets to save the Galileo from the destructive forces of time. Propworx, a California-based company specializing in science fiction props for television and movies, recently purchased the Galileo for $61,000 at an auction, and intends to undertake an estimated $100,000 restoration project that will bring the shuttle back to its former glory. They won’t be going it alone, either – STARFLEET, the largest Star Trek fan club in existence, will lend their aid by fundraising for the project. Together, the two groups hope to have the Galileo ready for fans to visit and tour for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. That means they have four years to pull it off – sounds like a mission for Captain Kirk.

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