Ted Plush Doll is Ready to Be Your Thunder Buddy for Life

Unfortunately, wishing on a shooting star for a plush teddy bear that knocks back beers with you probably isn’t going to work out. But hey, no harm in trying, right?

Entertainment Earth is selling a replica Ted plush doll, from the massively popular movie that just came out. Ted now lays claim to the biggest ever box office weekend for an R rated comedy, which means there’s going to be an awfully big audience for this plush doll. The Ted doll will be 24″ tall, making him the same size as he is in the movie. That said, there are two versions of the Ted plush doll, and only one of them is movie accurate. The R rated Ted doll goes as hard on the profanity and innuendo as Ted does in the movie, but the PG Ted, while he still spouts lines from the movie, is much tamer. It seems like it would be a waste to get the PG plush, especially when the R rated Ted doll is just as expensive as his more sober, responsible PG cousin. And with this kind of pricing, we’re definitely not feeling the teddy bear fuzzies here, especially for a censored Ted.

But hey, your very own Ted might just be worth it. There’s bound to be a Ted sequel at some point, so you know there will be an excuse to trot him out again at some point. Otherwise, there are plenty of stars in the night sky you can start wishing on. I feel like if your Ted plush doll was actually real, he’d give you a lot of grief for doing that, though. Perhaps for the sake of everyone’s self-esteem, it’s best that the Ted doll (and in particular, the R rated Ted doll) stay inanimate, restricted only to Seth MacFarlane’s authentic vocals.

The R rated Ted doll and the PG rated Ted doll can both be preordered now from Entertainment Earth for $59. It’s a bit much for a Ted plush, but what are you going to do? Such is the world of licensed merchandise. Ted is expected to ship sometime in September. There is also a smaller 16″ talking Ted doll on its way for $24.99, and this one comes with an actual moving mouth. Close enough. Maybe you won’t need to wish on a star, after all.

Update: You can now purchase the Ted plush doll directly from Amazon.

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