SOL Republic Deadmau5 Tracks HD Will Turn You Into a Mau5head

Color us not surprised. First it was Headphones for Cats, a joint effort between SOL Republic and Professor Meowingtons (Deadmau5’s cat). Then we saw Michael Phelps sporting a pair of SOL Republic headphones with the Deadmau5 logo on them, while he was standing near the Olympic pool on TV. In the end, all signs pointed to a SOL Republic / Deadmau5 collaboration, and look what we have today – full acknowledgement that yes, the headphone company is indeed working with Deadmau5 to launch SOL Republic deadmau5 Tracks HD headphones.

Sporting the same build quality as the Tracks HD headphones from SOL, this project worked closely with Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, and digital artist Joshua Davis. One of the key aspects of the headphones is the overall design. While the actual build is the same, the part illustration, part computer design tried to capture the crazy life that best describes the kind of world Deadmau5 lives in. The SOL Republic deadmau5 Tracks HD headphones will retail for $149.99 and is available now for your electronica listening pleasure from Amazon. 

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