Dyson’s Digital Slim is 20 Minutes of Pure Suctioning Power

Dyson is ready to take cleaning up small messes to the next level with the Dyson Digital Slim. This vac will beat the dust buster to a pulp with its unique design and 20 minutes of run time. So no, you can’t do long cleaning sessions with this handheld. But for spot cleaning or small messes, it will do the trick and suck those crumbs or spilled cheerios right up.

The Digital Slim is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is also lightweight (weighing in at only 5lbs) and can easily be tucked out of sight.  The Digital Slim also features a wand that reaches as high up as the ceiling, or as low as your floor. The wand enables users to get into tight spaces and suck up dirt fast with Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology.  If spot cleaning gets intense, there is even a button that triggers 8 minutes of intense suctioning.

The new slim will be available starting September 2012 at dyson.com and most major retailers for $399.99.That might be a high price to pay for such a powerful little vac, but the Digital Slim looks to be the Lamborghini of handheld vacs.