Goldilocks Would Probably Avoid The Fuzzy Bear Bed

It’d be her loss, though – the Fuzzy Brown Bear Plush Bed is going to be friend to a whole lot of kids out there. Looks just right for a good night’s sleep for the young ones.

The Fuzzy Bear Bed isn’t exactly a bad – it’s a bed cover with a sheet attached, which can be taken off for washing. You supply the twin mattress, the Fuzzy Bear Bed supplies the adorable pal that will hopefully make your kids feel more comfortable when hitting the hay. The cover zips around the mattress, and can be removed easily and rolled up for storage. The set even comes with alternate sets of eyes – one set for boys, one set for girls.

As far as teddy bear buddies go, this one might be the cuddliest of them all. No guarantees that any Ted-like friendships are going to pop up, though. And, if your kids are somehow resistant to the new teddy bear rage, other bed covers are available, including a dinosaur.

Unfortunately, this big guy comes at an awfully high price. The Fuzzy Brown Bear Plush Bed is selling for about $200 here. Sweet dreams don’t come cheap these days.


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