Give Your iPad or iPhone a Hand – Literally

Well, nobody likes looking at an iPad or iPhone when it’s just laying flat on a table, I guess. Now, you can give your device (and yourself) a hand with these Hand Docks from AreaWare.

No tech here – just classy materials. The stands are made from marble and resin, and work to prop up your iPhone or iPad in ideal watching and/or grabbing positions (if you receive a call). The hand itself is a cast of designer Harry Allen’s own hand. I guess that means if he gets his way, he’ll be getting his hands on a whole lot of iPhones and iPads soon.

The iPhone Hand Dock and iPad Hand Dock (actually called the Universal Hand Dock – the demo shows it holding a book, as well) are both selling for $65 from AreaWare.

iPad Hand Dock by Harry Allen from AREAWARE on Vimeo.

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