Say Hello, Kitty! with the Hello Kitty POP Phone

I didn’t think there was any gadget or accessory left that hadn’t been touched by the power of Hello Kitty. Well I was wrong. Native Union, the folks behind the POP Phone, have collaborated with Sanrio to bring to the masses their newest limited edition retro handset—the Hello Kitty POP Phone. The Hello Kitty POP Phone will retail for $39.99 and come complete with charm and squeals from people who catch you using it. The Hello Kitty POP Phone is available in several colors like soft touch white (with the iconic blue and red letters), light pink, black, and comes complete with a molded 3D bow and cat ears.

The Hello Kitty POP phone is compatible with pretty much all mobile devices and will pretty certainly solidify you as a Hello Kitty fanatic…